Project structure

The project is organised around 4 technical work packages:

  • QoE Network Management Framework
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Operational Support
  • Integration and Trials

QoE Network Management Framework

The focus of this work package is defining the overall Leone network management framework. It considers the logical components required and how they should interact, as well as the performance and management goals.

Members of this work package are experts on architecture, measurement systems and the requirements of operators.

Data Acquisition and Analysis

The focus of this work package is how to measure network performance, and how to integrate and analyse the measurement data. This includes: new measurement tests; multi-dimensional data integration of measurement data from Leone probes, other probes and perhaps control plane information; and anomaly detection and root cause analysis.

Members of this work package are experts on performance metrics, measurement tests and data analysis.

Operational Support

The focus of this work package is to provide operators with management tools that convey measurement and analysis information in an appropriate way, so speeding up decisions and reducing costs. These tools include: visualisation, to support an operator’s operational decisions; integration of the Leone system with existing network management systems through standard interfaces such as SNMP and NETCONF; automated repair of certain failure modes.

Members of this work package are experts on visualisation, and management protocols, software and systems.

Integration and Trials

This work package is responsible for integrating the mechanisms and tools developed in Leone’s other work packages. It runs a trial of the tools, which involves about 100 Leone probes distributed to real end users, and integrated with the existing SamKnows global platform. The overall aim is to demonstrate the feasibility and suitability of the Leone concepts.

Members of this work package are experts on testing software and running user trials.