Title Date Location
Large scale measurement Workshop 2014-09-15 to 2014-09-16 Dublin, Ireland

The Leone project, in cooperation with the Broadband Forum and IETF LMAP working group, have organised three co-located events on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th September in Dublin.

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RIPE 68 2014-05-12 to 2014-05-16 Warsaw, Poland

LEONE was at RIPE68 presenting the work "Lessons Learned From Using the RIPE Atlas Platform ... Read more

Leone Global Measurement Framework Seminar 2013-11-17 to 2013-11-20 Wadern, Germany

Leone Dagstuhl Seminar. More Information can be found at

ICT 2013: Create, Connect, Grow 2013-11-06 to 2013-11-08 Vilnius, Lithuania

ICT2013 will bring together Europe's best & brightest in ICT research, with businesses old and new, web start-ups and digital strategists to chart a path for Europe's ICT research policy. Join ... Read more

IETF 88 2013-11-03 to 2013-11-08 Vancouver, Canada

During the IETF meeting an LMAP working group takes place.

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Leone Network Management research workshop on large-scale measurements 2013 2013-10-14 Zurich, Switzerland

LEONE representatives are organizing a workshop about NMRG at CNSM 2013. Details about the meeting can be found ... Read more

9th CNSM (Conference on Network and Service Management) 2013 2013-10-14 to 2013-10-18 Zurich, Switzerland

CNSM which is Supported by IFIP, Technically Co-Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society, and In-cooperation with ACM SIGCOMM, is the premier annual conference in the general area of network and ... Read more

IEEE International Workshop on Measurements & Networking 2013-10-07 to 2013-10-08 Naples, Italy


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IETF Meeting 2013-07-28 to 2013-08-02 Berlin, Germany

Several people working at project leone will be present at the IETF Meeting. Details can be found at

Future Networks and Mobile Summit 2013 2013-07-03 to 2013-07-05 Lisbon, Portugal

The next edition of the Future Networks and Mobile Summit will take place in July 2013 in Lisbon ( ... Read more

Large-Scale Measurements Platforms tutorial at AIMS 2013 2013-06-25 Barcelona, Spain

Leone representatives will hold a tutorial about Large‐Scale Measurement Platforms at the AIMS 2013. Details can be found at http://www. ... Read more

Telecommunication Standards: from Research to Standards 2013-06-09 to 2013-06-13 Budapest

The second IEEE Workshop in Telecommunication Standards "From Research to Standards" will take place in June 2013 and will be collocated with IEEE ICC 2013 in Budapest (Hungary). The workshop ... Read more

RIPE 66: MAT Working group 2013-05-16 Dublin, Ireland

A presentation about LMAP will be held by LEONE representatives. Details about the working group can be found at https://ripe66. ... Read more

RIPE 66: IPv6 Working group 2013-05-16 Dublin, Ireland

A Representative of the leone project will present about the topic Measuring Effectiveness of Happy Eyeballs.

More information is available at ... Read more